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The Importance of Physical Security

Physical security is a critical component of running a successful business. Whether you're protecting your employees, customers, or property from harm, physical security helps ensure that your business can thrive. Consider the following five reasons why physical security is so important:

Physical Security Reduces Losses

Physical security reduces the risk of theft, vandalism, fire and flooding. It also helps to prevent accidents and a good security program can provide proactive solutions to issues before they evolve or even before they start.

Protects Your Employees

Physical security protects your employees, as well as the company itself by reducing the possibility of crime against employees or facilities owned by the company. This can be something as simple as a trained security officer who can detect suspicious behaviour and intervene before a situation escalates. Physical security also helps prevent identity theft, cyber threats and vandalism of equipment or facilities that could result in downtime or loss of data.

Protects Your Customers

Physical security protects your customers. How? Simply, by protecting them from crime, theft and vandalism. The more secure your building, facility, or location is, the less likely it is that someone will attempt an act which could damage the business. This is where good threat analysis tools can help to determine if a location is vulnerable to existing, realized, or potential threats. If you have good physical security measures in place then even if someone does manage to get into your building they will find it very difficult to steal anything because there are alarms and cameras everywhere!

Protects Your Property

Physical security is important because it protects your property, employees and customers. Physical security is also important to the safety of everyone who enters your building or facility.

Theft and damage can occur even when you're not around, so it's essential that you have a plan in place to deter criminals from targeting your business.

Physical security measures include surveillance cameras, access control systems and other methods for controlling entry into buildings or facilities. These measures help ensure that only authorized people can enter at certain times (e.g., after hours). They also allow for greater visibility of what's happening inside a building compared with other types of protection such as locks on doors or windows which may provide little more than an illusion of safety from intruders

Physical security is important to your business's success.

Physical security is a critical component of any business. It's the first line of defense against theft, loss, or damage to property or assets. Physical security also serves as a way to protect your employees, customers and their personal information.

Physical security measures include:

  • Security guards and patrols - Guards can patrol the grounds during business hours (and sometimes after hours) looking for suspicious activity such as broken windows or doors that aren't locked properly; they can also check in on employees who may be working alone at night.

  • Security cameras - Cameras record activity in public areas so that if something happens later on it's easier for authorities to identify perpetrators based on footage from these devices. Security cameras can be an effective proactive deterrent for security breaches as

  • Secure points of entry - Reducing the number of locations which individuals can enter into your business can reduce potential threats to the company.

  • Crime prevention through environmental design - Ensuring that a business has a plan in place to safeguard their locations can be done through crime prevention through environmental design plans, which can include having adequate lighting around a structure, security cameras, visible guards, windows which overlook areas of the business, or even something like removing large bushes in front of windows or openings.


Physical security is important to your business's success. It can help you protect your employees and customers, reduce losses due to theft or vandalism, and keep your property safe from harm. While developing a strong physical security plan at the beginning a company purchasing a property, or when building a new structure, all locations can improve their existing plans for security. Simple measures can be taken by staff, such as ensuring that all doors and windows are locked at night or anytime they're not being used by staff members (including bathroom windows), as well as keeping valuables out of sight when possible. An effective physical security plan can proactively reduce the potential of harm happening to a company in the ways previously described, especially if done through an effective threat analysis, and crime prevention through environmental design.

RW Security Consulting is available to provide security solutions tailor made to your company. Contact us if you are interested in hearing about how we can safeguard your company, assets, and help keep your employees safe.

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